Wednesday, March 17, 2010

पूरी दुनिया में हिंदी विज्ञान कथा का जलवा

World viewers of
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Arvind Mishra said...

Good data Zeashan ,why do not you present it in one of the coming sf event ?

Tinkoo said...

I often get folks looking for Hindi fiction from North America & Middle East, even though I have only a few Hindi fiction posts. In India, more of my "people seeking Hindi fiction" traffic seems to come from South, though Delhi & Bombay do have decent share.

I don't keep exact figures like you; just impressions based on traffic data. And my foreign percentage seems to be much higher.

There is clearly demand, & too little online content. If there were a place online where folks could buy Hindi novels or collections, there may be a chance to generate some actual sales too.

zeashan haider zaidi said...

Rightly said Tinkoo.