Wednesday, May 28, 2008

कहानी "ऊंचाइयों के पार" पर जीशान जैदी का उत्तर डॉ. अरविंद दुबे को

Dear Arvind Dubey Ji and other friends,
You can see in the story that
1. Nowhere is medical science in the story except a Doctor said that the girl is pregnant.
2.Nowhere any of the present scientific rules violated.
3.Bounded within the above rule no.-1, I took the complete liberty of imaginations.
4.Mathematical concept of dimensions I explained here in an interesting way.
5.Took possibilities of aliens in a very new dimensional way.
6.Some psychological theories regarding dreams etc. mentioned in the story.
Therefore it is a science fantasy.
Thanks for comments

Zeashan Zaidi

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