Wednesday, May 28, 2008

कहानी "ऊंचाइयों के पार" पर स्वप्निल भारतीय का कमेन्ट व प्रश्न

Dear All,

I would concur with Dr Dubey's views. However, as per my perception,
the story goes weak in connectivity, logic as well as scientific

1. Message of the story? What possible message does the author want to
send out?
2. Logic: First I have reservations about the other dimensions? There
is endless debate about more or less dimensions -- I wrote a piece for
'Avishkaar' magazine some 10 years ago on the same.
(a) What was the point of bringing a picture alive?
(b) What was the point of time contraction?
(c) How could that man interact with this girl? Does he have special
powers, if yes why? Why no one else saw him? Why he choose only this
girl? (any history between the two)
3. Then there is a point where author contradicts himself -- at one
point he says that the man cannot interact with the world of the girl,
then how come he had sex with her? I mean how could the spears (if
any) from other dimensions fertile the eggs of our dimension?
4. What was the dimension of the baby. The man said, she could not
raise the baby in her world as it belongs to other dimension, if this
is the case, how could the doctor detects that she is pregnant? And
how could she give birth to a baby in 4-D?
5. The arrival of those 'people' from other dimension in form of fly
and then converting into elephant is just beyond my senses? How could
they take shape of insects and animals from our dimensions?
6. And will the 'samraat' of such a world would be out monitoring
people? Strange, such a weak or low level or administration? And what
a mode of punishment -- cannibalism? Beyond explanation again?
7. How were they able to interact with the girl?
8. The point of her BF raping her and then the Revelation that he was
impotent seem to be injected without any point?
7. There are questions after questions about the logical explanation
of the story, these are just the few...and I don't know should I raise
From the point of logic, science and story development it is not a
good work.

I expect something better from the ink of Zeeshan :-)


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