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Mr. Bimal Srivastava post on "The Invisible Man"

?..One of the most unfortunate part of today's so-called modern science is that normally we take it for granted that what ever is known to us is the ultimate thing, and nothing else need be discovered in future. And this has been the practice since ages. For example, during the days of Socrates and Aristotle, it was thought that the Sun rotates around earth and they thought this was their supreme fact. Thus when Galileo gave the theory of Sun as stationary and earth rotating around it, in the eighteenth Century, he was imprisoned.

Similarly, in eighteenth Century, if someone could have told that it was possible to send pictures, sound, speech etc (TV) from one corner of the world to the other corner through invisible rays within a fraction of a second, even a high rated scientist would have thought that the fellow had gone nuts. In nineteenth Century, and even in early twentieth century no scientist could have believed that it was possible to copy the complete library of many thousand books on a small piece of magnetic disc and reproduce the same in no time through a machine called computer.

When we try to explain every phenomenon as per today's science, it becomes extremely difficult to do so. But since the Science is progressing very fast, can't we think that may be after 200, 300, 500 or 1000 years from now Science may discover some entirely new theories that may find a solution for today's unexplained facts.

We all know that we human being are equipped with only 5 sense organs viz. vision, hearing, smell, taste and fell. Some people are of the belief that there is something called the sixth sense, through which it may be possible to sense something which may be beyond human power and imagination. Perhaps it may not be possible to explain the sixth sense in words, as the human compatibility does not permit us to do so. It is something like telling a frog of a well, the size of a lake or tell a deaf person, about various sounds in music. Suppose there is a boy, who is blind since birth, he can never understand the meaning of colour of milk, how elaborately you try to explain him. Now if that boy happens to be living at a place where all the persons are blind, then even the scientists of that town will consider you a mad person, if you try to tell him the difference of colour between a pink rose and a yellow rose.

Unfortunate we as human being consider the five senses as the ultimate limit, and we refuse to believe anyone (Either a person or an animal) who claims to be having sixth sense. But there are indications and unconfirmed reports that the birds and animals have the power to sense the incoming disorder like earthquakes (And even Tsunami catastrophe) . Similarly, after 1000 years from now, suppose we happen to travel to a distant planet, is it not possible that the inhabitants of that planet may be having a different sense of organ (i.e other than smell, feel, sight, hearing, and taste), let us say communication through mental power or something very new which we can not even visualize. However, we refuse to think in that direction.

Another thing that today's scientists refuse to accept is the existence of soul in a living object. They tell us that what is difference between a living person and a dead person? Can a scientist of present age tell what is the thing that powers a living man. Or in other words, suppose you construct a body of a person by adding all the chemical constituents and make it exactly similar to the body a living person, then can you make the person to become a living object. It surely will be a big no. That means there is something (We may call it a soul or by any other name) which when is inside the body of a person, the person is called a living person. And of course this particular entity has not been known in so-called modern science. Unfortunately, a scientist will also not accept any theory related with soul. Apart from that, no scientific studies have been made so far in case of the qualities, features and main characteristics of a living being vis-୶is a non-living object.

Mr. Daruwala then posed the next question to Dr. Mehra the retired Director, IIT, Kanpur. OK Dr. Mehra, just tell me now that how it was possible for a horse to produce a new colt having exactly the same qualities as the parent horse. Dr. Mehra then said it was due to the Genes it is having in its body. Thus now scientists are even in a position to produce, a new horse just by taking a few Genes from horse's body. Mr. Daruwala then said does it mean that now scientists can produce a gold object by taking a jean from a gold ornament. No, that won't be possible said Dr. Mehra since the gold is a non-living object and it does not have Genes. Then how do they differentiate between living and a non-living object.

1. There are so many insects and living on trees, who take exactly the same shape and colour as that of a tree branch or a tree leave. For example, the insect known as " " looks exactly like a Neem leave. How it is possible for the insect to precisely pick up and duplicate itself with the same colour, texture, shape and size as that of neem leave. Who designs and changes the shape / colour etc. in a perfect manner as that of computer. Why can't a stone takes the shape of a neighbouring stone.

2. There are umpteen examples, when a person was found recalling events from his past birth. Many incidents and information given by him were proved to be physically correct and geographically matching with the description given by the person. Sometimes even the persons mentioned of his past birth were found to be existing. However, the scientists deny these happenings.

3. Some times during sleep a person gets a dream giving indications about future, which turn out to be true. How could that happen?

Taking a stock of all the above I feel that;

"No scientist should disbelieve any incident or phenomenon even if it is not supported by present day scientific theories, provided adequate evidence and reliable witnesses are available to confirm the vent. On the other hand, it should be retained as an unexplained event, so that that the same could be explained at a future date with new theories of science. At the same rather all efforts should be made to find a solution for the unexplained phenomenon".

In the similar manner, whenever we find some phenomenon, which cannot be explained on the basis of phenomenon and nature has done it. But what is this nature, what all it is capable of doing, where it is existing and how nature is able to do everything in the most orderly and organized manner, no scientist or technologist can explain. Unfortunately when a person tries to put forward his observations regarding some bizarre phenomenon, which it not as per present day science theory, no scientist would dare to admit that the above phenomenon also could be due to the same invisible force (You scientists call it nature)."

With the above, all the seniors from the scientific communities present in the gathering were looking for an escape as they were fully convinced about the logic behind the solid arguments or Mr. Daruwala. Unfortunately, no one was there to show such path to scientists.

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