Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reply by me on "The Invisible Man"

I am agreeing with Nautiyal Ji that Soul and Djinns are not same. But one thing is common that both are not matter. Since in the universe only two things are known, matter and energy. So in our system if something is not matter, then it will be energy. However in theory we can’t refuse other possibilities like antimatter, higher/lower dimensional things, negative universe, hyperspaces and so on. The question raised by Nautiyal Ji “Can a djinn be having field without having mass?” I think it is possible. Photons interact with themselves, but very rarely. And usually only on special circumstances. Otherwise it would be a very strange world to experience visually. This is a 1973 paper describing the process:
http://www.slac. stanford. edu/cgi-wrap/ getdoc/slac- pub-1303. pdf
And this explains photon-photon scattering
http://www.springer content/emdy0a1g 99hejq41/
Since The photons may be generated in the object or scattered/ reflected by the object. If the object in the said video is a Djinn then it can generate more and more photons and so the sufficient amount of light shown in the photograph. com/watch? v=Y9201og_ n8M
Now the Swapnil’s question “If negative mass exists can we connect it with the form of energy we call soul?” I think positivity and negativity is just a game of definition. If we consider mass of antimatter as negative mass then its possibility to become soul is eliminated because soul simultaneously lies with material body, but not matter and antimatter can be together.
If we assume that holy Quran is from God, according to his statement “Glory to God exalted beyond all, who created in pairs all things that earth produces, as well as their own selves and all other things of which you know nothing.” Everything has its opposite. Existence of gravity means existence of anti-gravity, matter existence implies antimatter exists. Time implies negative-time, mass implies negative mass. Space implies anti-space and so on.
Next interesting question is “can gravity be created by just energy without needing mass?” A well known phenomenon is that photons attracts towards black holes. It means there exists gravitational force between mass & energy similar to force between mass – mass.
Following Wikipedia statement clears the picture:
“Since photons contribute to the stress-energy tensor, they exert a gravitational attraction on other objects, according to the theory of general relativity. Conversely, photons are themselves affected by gravity; their normally straight trajectories may be bent by warped spacetime, as in gravitational lensing, and their frequencies may be lowered by moving to a higher gravitational potential, as in the Pound-Rebka experiment. However, these effects are not specific to photons; exactly the same effects would be predicted for classical electromagnetic waves.”

Many fascinating results are possible with camera tricks and postproduction. But the million-dollar question is whether the said video and photographs used the tricks?

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