Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post by Dr.Arvind Mishra on "The Invisible Man"

With the post of VMT the debate seems to have reached to a turning point involving the dimensions of birth and rebirth.
1-the belief in rebirth is firmly rooted in Hindu way of life,though Buddhism is an atheist religion yet its adherents have belief in rebirth.Having pointed out this I must submit that since the methodology of science has yet not approved the phenomenon I fail to accept it as such.
2-Is it that gods takes reincarnation and all mortals take rebirth -or both are the same thing in essence-what philosophers say ?
3-Though the Hindu religion do have faith in rebirths,especially the people with puritanical and traditional approach do have such beliefs the voice of dissents have also been prominent.
.Like the one from Charvaak an atheist sage told emphatically about 3000 years ago that -
Yavat jeevet sukham jeevet,
rinam kritva ghritam peevet
Bhasmavibhutashy shareerashy
Loosely translated it would look like this-
Eat drink and be merry unto the last breath
bother not even if you are in heavy debt
Once the body goes on pyre and gets burnt
it never comes back.[Hindus' dead body is burnt]
While I do not concede to the upper part of the poem I do feel that Charvaak was right in his conclusion.

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