Thursday, March 27, 2008

Further My comments on "The Invisible Man"

In my view, soul/djinn are special forms of energy which is totally different from ordinary energy. We can say it is a living energy as it can think, feel and have all emotions. In a similar way as ordinary earth is non-living but earth made humans are living and totally different in properties.
Now the question is “can we take the photograph of a soul/djinn ?”
As we know, when a reflected light comes from the object stimulates eye or camera sensors, we see the object or a photograph is taken. Therefore if light photons will “reflect” from that unusual energy (soul/djinn) and go towards camera then unusual energy can be photographed. And it is possible because photon can reflect photon (though it is a rare phenomenon).
Then the next question why not every time?
I present a simple logic. Since human is made from earth. So he has total control on earth, he can take and throw it in any direction. Similarly energy made creatures i.e. a free soul or djinn can easily control the light or other forms of energy. He can throw or stop light photons towards the camera depending on his will.
This is just a thought.

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