Sunday, March 23, 2008

Comment of Mr.Vishwa Mohan Tiwari on "The Invisible Man"

Friends, It is an important subject, so I do not want to leave it without some comments,
though I am rather late. It is a case of better late than never.
There are, inter alia, a few questions that need to be answered
before we can come to any reasonable explanation.
1. Why are all figures hazy and out of focus?
2. Why is the picture over exposed, in that the pictures are too bright.?
3. Which is the instituition that has sponsored this picture and is responsible for its spread?

If the sponsor is interested in spreading belief in supernatural ( although I do state that
all supernaturals are not to be condemned) existence of Djinns, then I would conclude
that the pictures have been delibderately overexposed and defocussed.

If some object is invisble to eyes, than it must be invisible to camera as well,
as this camera is neither IR nor UV camera. If Djinn or whatever it is wants to be invisible to men
then why does it remain visible to a camera? There is no scientific or otherwise explanation for this.

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