Sunday, March 23, 2008

Comment of Dr.Chandra Mohan Nautiyal on "The Invisible Man"

Of course, not having been present there, it's not not possible to claim to be fully correct but if a person with shining while clothes is lighted with a resonable luminiscent light source and is close to camera, such thing can happen.

White colour flares. Its refelction against a dark background dominates. May be the cameraman (if he is stating truth to his knowledge), may have focused on some other object of attraction elsewhere in the frame. So often, we see what we look for and ignore everything else. If there is a sound in a crowded area, you'd instantly look in the direction of sound ignoring all that eye passes during movement of eyeball from one point to the source of sound. Brain is also selctive. If one is asked to remember only red objects in a collection of objects of many colours, he may do it successfully but if asked how many yellow objects were there, it'd draw a blank. This seletivity is behind many of the so called miracles.

There are many photographic tricks and post production techniques that can produce still more startling effects.

Even as accepting that science can't explain everything yet, I take it as limitation of science (present) rather than attributing anybody supernatural.

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