Friday, January 18, 2008

Explanation of Definition

Explanation of My Definition
* Story may be true such as story of a past event or stories of bible, quran, ramayan etc but a SF story always be fictious, so I add the term imagination
*Creature means any object of the universe such as human beings, dinasaurs, planets, stars, galaxies, alience etc.
*Story of creatures means story does not involve God as Hindu mythological stories etc. They are not SF
*SF contains imaginations that must be scientifically justified. You cannt imagine time traveller unless it has some physical theory for its possibility.
*SF some times may not be futuristic.It may tell past e.g. jurassic park
*SF does not involve problems always. It may be a love story or story of progress.


Arvind Mishra said...

Zeashan !
Past could only be created with some technological breakthrough-the technique of DNA recombination as employed in Juraassic Park has futuristic element !Do you agree ?

zeashan haider zaidi said...

In sci fi we always include some futuristic technologies that are still far from present human, but are probabilistic. But in stories they may be employed by some past creatures.