Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Discussion on the story "Under Estimate" Part-1

Dr. Arvind Mishra
Under Estimate
The above captioned science fantasy of Zeashan is an attempt to rationalize whether a man could leave its body and travel beyond in its 'energy' form ? Such descriptions could be found in many of our scriptures where sages have been shown to possess this amazing power of leaving temporarily their bodies as and when required to meet some noble causes and then return /enter back to/into their original bodies.They have also been shown to even occupy some other vacant [dead] bodies when such needs arise. Termed as 'Parkayaa Pravesh'[entering the other body] this phenomenon of our folklores have fascinated us since long.
Now here is a science fantasy on it ! A daring task accepted and successfully carried out by Zeashan.
Good work Zeashan.Keep it up !
Gene, please tell if you remember any story on similar concept in western sf ?

Vishwa Mohan Tiwari
Z zee,
This story has got storyness all right but totally incredible to my science trained mind.
You have got a forcefull style, but not enough science in the story.

Zeashan Zaidi
to VMT Ji,
Thank you for comments.
"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. "
Arthur C. Clarke,

Swapnil Bhartiya
The UnderEstimate
1. Plot is very loose and cliche...an Indian scientist developing a
machine...the conversation is also not that matured...
2. Deneil wearing a shirtless tie and etc....not that matured....
3. I am not a physist, yet, that was a weak interpretation of electric
current and converting it to create micro body.
4. And there are amny weak points...how could the be interacting with
teh micro body where Deniel says that the point of light anand was
looking at were actually being viewed by the Micro Body, how would Anand
interact with his own Micro body.
5. And while Anand was not able to touch those point how come Gautan
took control and went out of the room.
6. The entire concept of Neha's electric charge fighting with Gautam
doesnt make any sense....

So, I would not rate that as a very good story in terms of 'fiction',
'technically' or logically.

I would go by VMT's view.

Also, VMT ji didn't say it's impossible to counter which ZZ quoted
Clarke. This story is not about making impossible possible, this story
is about making some sense, which it seems to not make, at least for

And people say, I can be wrong.

Vishwa Mohan Tiwari
I need to clarify what I meant. I didn't say what you have stated is impossible,
I said it lacks credibility, in the sense the phenomenon of induction has been stretched beyond the known limits of science , I may say to the level of fantasy.
Your story may be a science fantasy but not science fiction.
I would be very happy if I turnout to be WRONG.
I could have kept Quiet or praised it to the sky, but I felt the truth must be spoken, of course truth as I perceive it.
I am sorry if I have offended you.
Dr. Arvind Mishra
to VMT JI,
Your stand is loud and clear.....Z's story is fantastic

Zeashan Zaidi
to VMT Ji,
I am agreeing with you. Of course, my concept is beyond the current limit of science. But as the main motive of science fiction is to look upon future possibilities based on present scientific discoveries, and the story fulfils this condition.
My question is, 'is there any violation of present scientific concepts in the story?’ If ‘not’ then it is a science fiction.

Zeashan Zaidi
Dear Swapnil,
Some of your points of objection are regarding style of the story. Therefore no comment.
And other objections are not actually lying in the story. So avoid cursory reading and study again.
This is actually your under estimation about the story.

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