Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. Swapnil Bhartiya Questions on "The Invisible Man"

Dear Nautiyal Ji,

I am not qualified enough to speak on the topic, CMN ji has already explained in details and awe striking manner. But I would like to ask some questions.

There is a saying -- answers leads to more questions, and that is called quest for knowledge... (in Italics are the points raised by CMN Ji)

| Soul is not supposed to be material. So it can't have mass.

Q: What would you say about Hermann Bondi's negative mass? Going by the concept of anti-univers and anti-matter (positrons used in PET scanners are anit-electrons) , what is the possibility of negative mass. If negative mass exists can we connect it with the form of energy we call soul?

| The difficulty is that science is not so advanced as to be able to answers all questions. We still don't know why matter should have gravitational property. If there are positive- negative charges, North- South poles, then why don't we have opposite gravity i.e. attractive and repulsive variants of gravity?

Q: Same goes with the hypothetical theory of anti-gravity. Is it possible that the basic characterstic of dark matter is anti-gravity or repulsion that is why its distributed all around and not found in form of closely packed substance/bodies (which is possible only though gravity pulling mass together)?

| Can there be gravity without mass?

Q: Going by Einstiens GTR and E=MC2, which says matter and energy are the same forms of the same thing so light can do what mass does -- CREATE gravity. Actually this thought came to me as few days ago I read a paper of Ronald Mallet, Cannicut university. So do you think gravity can be created by just energy without needing mass?

Rest you have explained so well that I am speechless!
Looking forward to some replies.

And practically, I cant say anything about the pics and images Zeeshan posted, we used to do even more tricks with cameras and editing tools to create better effects during my film-making days at Jamia ;-)

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