Thursday, March 27, 2008

Further on "The Invisible Man" by Mr. Vishwa Mohan Tiwari

Futurology is a difficult subject, even scientists can make a fool of
Science answers 'How', and philosophy answers 'Why'.
But science converts many 'why' questions into 'how' questions. "Why is
the sky blue?"
has been answered by explaining how it is blue.
Intution is like differentiation and integration, as CMN has said. It
works on the data stored in the memory.
Intuition is also detecting patterns, and creating patterns, science
also does that.
Intuition is not so reliable as science is, however it does not mean
mental intution should be disdained or rejected out right.
Dreams are the result of functioning of subconscious mind, but how can
they give information
which is not available to the dreamer? (Assuming that the account given
by the dreamer is reliable.)
There are ESP like telepathy etc that science cannot explain yet.
Rebirth is a complex subject. Ian Stevenson spent his life studying the
rebirth cases.
He thought that majority of them were genuine, but acceoted that they
cannot be explained.
On rebirth, whose rebirth? The body's, the mind?, the sould?
Body and mind are burnt or buried dead, so there cannot be their
Souls's rebirth? It depends upon the definition of soul. It is an
interesting topic so I would leave it here as it is not science yet.
Science and philosophy and aadhyaatm all are essential for a happy
shubh kaamanaayayn

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