Saturday, January 19, 2008

Various Relations

My figure presents the interconnection among the five terms Fantasy, Fiction, SFantasy, SFiction and SFacts using some color combination and geometric figures.
(1) There are two disjoint sets Fantasy & Science Facts.
(2) The two rectangles Fantasy & SFant are related to each other in the sense that both are fantasies. Later is smaller subset of the former.
(3) SFant involves Sfacts sometimes but with misinterpretations. ( I mentioned it by red outline around ac in science facts. )
(4) Blue color of fantasy shows its ocean like area of imagination and whiteness of Sfant symbolize icebergs floated in the ocean of imagination that seems like land of scientific facts but without base.
(5) Fictional circle inside the Fantasy represents that fantasy may be changeable into the fiction, but vice versa is not possible. Similarly Sfant may be changeable into the SFict in future. Again B & W colors of Sfant & Sfict shows that both are contradictive simultaneously.
(6) Red color of Fiction says that sometimes fiction looks true, but actually it is not true and a misconception may be dangerous.

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